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Tailor made orthotics

Tailor made orthotics and digital Orthology

Why should I get a custom orthotic when I can buy a prefabricated orthotic? Custom orthotics work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes or dentures are for your oral health. Everyone's feet are different, even your left foot is different from your right foot. These differences are clearly greater between different people or for different sports.

In our biomechanics unit we spoil your feet with a tailor-made treatment adapted to your weight, activity, age,…

Therefore we perform a biomechanical assessment to determine the cause of your problem and we take a mold of your feet or directly adjust the insole to your foot.

We offer follow-up visits in order to ensure the treatment's efficiency. Our orthotics have a one year guarantee against wear or if some further modifications are required.

We use the latest technologies which allows us to apply the orthotics directly on our patient's feet, obtaining FULLY CUSTOMISED ORTHOTICS.

Tailor made orthotics
Tailor made orthotics
Tailor made orthotics

We also provide custom silicone orthosis which help to relieve toe deformities.

custom silicone orthosis

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